Tom Lubbers K8TL

500 West Possum Road
Springfield, Ohio 45506-3633

County Clark

Grid EM89cv

Planet Earth - System Sol - Sector Sirian - Galaxy Milky Way

Amateur Radio Operator

All bands DC to Light !!!

1.8 MHz to 2.4 GHz

All modes

All satellites all modes since OSCAR 8

If you want a schedule for the Grid Square, County or Planet "E" mail me.

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Retired USAF Communications Officer

You think we were stationed together?

BS Social Science Black Hills State College 1975

MS Economics Wright State University 1986

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Amateur Astronomer

Tyrannasara Regina

AKA Leila

Only known specimen

She is 6'6" and dines on various pests. Considers alligators* a special treat.

*Al'li·ga·tor n. Pest with very large mouth and very small ears, frequently found in satellite pass bands and on other amateur radio bands. Its over powered signal frequently desenses the transponder making the satellite unusable to all other operators. For some unknown reason his miniscule brain thinks that it will hear more stations by increasing output.